Let The JIREH Group Expand The Territories Of Your Search

We can help you advance in the direction that you want to go in your career, whether it is a lateral move due to personal reasons or a career climb. We specialize in staffing for IT, Finance and Accounting, Marketing and Sales and the Automotive Industry. We offer both permanent and contract positions. Once we have made contact with
you and established a professional relationship with you, we will add you to our Candidate Database. If and when positions come available in your desired location, specific field and area of expertise, we will notify you prior to extending our search out side of our database. There are no fees for our Services to our Candidates. We can offer you the following:

Confidentiality – We will not disclose any information about you without your permission. We will never jeopardize your situation what ever it may be and we will never put you in front of a client without your prior

Opportunity – We have relationships with Clients nationwide. We can assist you in providing you with the most exposure in both confidential and open job positions.

Interview Coaching – We are experts at the hiring process. It’s what we do. All day. Every day. We know our Clients and what specifics qualities they are looking for in each successful candidate. We can assist in making a lasting impression in your interview

First Access – Once we have established a professional relationship, we will store your information in our database and contact you with job opportunities prior to beginning our search outside of our database. The only time we cannot solicit a position to you is if you are currently working for one of our Clients..